Why our clients like Credit Collection Services Australia

"What our clients are saying" 

Credit Collections takes the pain and hassles out of collecting our overdue debts. Nothing is too hard for their team. Why bother going anywhere else ?


                                        Tyrone, Equipment Hire     


I have a veterinary clinic and spend most of my time out on site attending to sick animals. For the amount they charge it doesn't pay me to collect the debts myself that's why I chose Credit Collections and have been using them for many, many years.


                                               Lloyd, Veterinary Surgeon




I am the managing director of a very large and long established food & grain supply company and there are many occasions when the Credit Collections professionals are called in not only to collect our debts but also to give advice to our credit department on how to handle particular problems that arise.

I thank them for their dedicated work and in particular their expertise and legal opinions. Their service is outstanding.


                                Peter D, Company Director 


There are times when people leave our country owing us money and that is when we need the expertise of Credit Collection Services to act as our agents and collect our outstanding debts.

They are honest, reliable people and keep us informed along the way and at the end of it all we get paid. What more can anyone ask for ?


                            Emmanuelle, Finance Manager

                             International College



We have been using Credit Collections for many years now, and have always experienced great outcomes. It's a tough business but these guys NEVER give up like others do.


We thank CCSA for their hard work, dedication and persistence.


Steven V,

Tow Trucks and Mechanical Repairs Group.


I am the CEO of one of Australia's largest concrete suppliers and after a meeting with a representative of Credit Collection Services I thought I would give them a go.


After six years enlisting their services and seeing first hand the exceptional results they achieved for our company and, more importantly for me, no loss of major clients.


I welcome the opportunity of recommending CCSA services to any business, large or small.


John, Concrete Supply Company


My company provides freight forwarding services to most countries around the world. As one can expect there are times when we, like others, experience debt collection problems with clients in other countries.


Thankfully CCSA have Australia covered providing collection services for us no matter where our debtor is located.


If court action is ever required we feel comfortable that they can handle it knowing that they always keep us informed at all times and have the experts to achieve successful results.


Stefano V. Freight Forwarders

Torino, Italy


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