Debt Collection and Recovery Agency Hobart


Hobart to Launceston and no matter where your business is located Credit Collections are there to help collect your delinquent debtors in a fast and efficient manner.


Unfortunately when in business today it is necessary to be prepared for all eventualities. Your credit applications and terms and conditions are of upmost importance to ensure that your business is armed and ready to fight off bad debts.


Too many times we are told by clients that director's guarantees are not required because there can be a reluctance to have their clients sign them and as a result may not wish to trade with your business.


What happens if your debtor company is placed in liquidation ?


It is our experience that, without a signed director's guarantee, your business may suffer.


If you would like Credit Collections to perform a "free health check" of your documentation contact us >>>  now by email and one of our agents will be in touch.