Gold Coast 

Commercial Debt Collection Agency On The Gold Coast. Reduce Business Debt. 90% + Success Rate. Call 1300 884 641 for a Free Consultation.

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Gold Coast Queensland


If your business is located on the Coast and you have a problem collecting a debt we're here to help you. Credit Collections can also help with process services, attention to warrants, repossessions and legal matters.


With more than 30 years experience collecting delinquent debts on the Coast we know we can help. 

We are a debt collection and recovery agency collecting delinquent accounts using our vast network of professional experts. Our collection experience has educated us that there are better ways of collecting your debts - faster and with a higher success rate. Our knowledge of collection laws in all States and Territories positions us in a unique environment on how best to recover your money.

Our debt recovery techniques developed and refined over many years is our strength. We have, at our disposal, state of the art technology and resources to manage our day to day operations.

Our hard working professional team is fully committed to guaranteeing unbeatable customer service and will work for you and with you.


Your debtor may not be located on the Coast they might be somewhere else in Queensland or even in another State or Territory. With Licensed Field Agents all around Australia we know we can help you. Call us now for a chat on 1300 884 641 or send us an email>>>.