In days gone by when trading with a client an old fashioned hand shake was all that was needed but unfortunately this is not the case in business today.


It is imperative for any business to have a signed Credit Application form which includes your Terms and Conditions of Trade.


You might also consider inserting director's guarantees or other conditions that are specific to your operations to ensure that you are covered for all contingencies and we can help you with the appropriate wording free of charge. Director's guarantees can be of paramount importance should your client's company be placed into liquidation. 


It is important that you review these terms on a regular basis as changes in your operations may need to be reflected in your conditions.


We highly recommend that all of our new and existing clients provide us with a copy of their current Terms and Conditions for a Free Health Check by our professionals. 


Free health check of your terms and conditions of trade by Credit Collection Services professionals 

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