You may not have seen the news articles on the television in the last few weeks of problems confronting lots of  Aussies and their credit files.

Did you know that many people are unable to obtain finance because of the information contained in their credit file and as a result are refused. We have reported cases of individuals having defaults without any knowledge of the alleged offence. Everyone is entitled to check their file once a year for free.


Aussies intending to apply for finance in 2017 or even planning to buy a mobile phone or something else on credit should check their credit file first before doing so. Even if you just want to see what is in your credit file it’s worth taking ten minutes to get a copy of your report for free from a CRB just click on any one of the following :-



You might be surprised at what you find.

See here what Timothy Pilgrim, PSM, Australian Privacy Commissioner had to say about your privacy; 

Your Credit File - Your Privacy


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