CCSA Collection Benefits

  • Fast payment 

  • Customers normally pay faster once CCSA is involved;


  • Increased cash flow 

  • CCSA can help increase your cash flow by reducing the amount of debts you have;


  • Minimise bad debt write off

  • Control your accounts keeping the industry collection chart in mind and seeking assistance sooner rather than later;


  • Cost-effective 

  • We operate a no collection, no commission policy;


  • Low commission charges 

  • Our commission rates are an industry low and only charged on successful collection;


  • Nationwide service

  • We provide a Nationwide debt collection service. No matter where your debtor is located we can help; 


  • More time for you 

  • By utilising our services to collect your debts you have more time to spend running your business;


  • Fast debt lodgment and fast payment using CrediCollect 

  • Enables you to lodge your debt online 24/7 in the knowledge that it will be processed immediately;


  • Find your debtor using CrediTrail

  • Our skip tracing services can find debtors or missing persons no matter where they are in Australia. 

"Too Hard Baskets" are banned in our offices




If We Don't Collect Your Debt -You Don't Pay a Cent


     No Joining Fees 

     No Hidden Costs

     No Fancy Plans

     No Locked in Contracts


If we don't collect you dont pay a cent

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