How do I sign up with your agency 


A: Simply select Credicollect from the main menu. Complete the Client's Details at the top of the form and the Debtor's Details further down. We ask that you supply us with as much information as possible in the Debtor’s Details so that we can immediately act on your debt and ensure that the initial Letter of Demand is sent to the debtor as soon as it is received by CCSA.


Towards the bottom of the lodgement form click on Add Files. This enables you to add as many files as you wish such as: Credit Application Form and Terms and Conditions (if available). Copies of outstanding invoice/s, statements and any other information that may be useful to us in the collection of your debt/s would be appreciated.


Prior to sending to us we ask that you refer to our Terms and Conditions and having done so simply tick the box and press Submit.


Do I have to pay an annual fee or any ongoing costs for you to collect my debt/s 



All we ask is that you pay the commission as originally agreed upon with you and only on the successful collection of your debt.



Can I add your collection costs on to my debt


A:  The Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (Commercial Agent) - Sect 347 states:


(1) A person must not recover or attempt to recover the costs or expenses of a commercial agent ("collection agency") for:


(a) collecting or attempting to collect a debt owed by the debtor, or


(b) repossessing or attempting to repossess goods or chattels from the debtor.


However, if you have a clause in your Terms and Conditions which clearly states that in the event of a default in payment by the debtor, agreed to, and signed by the debtor prior to the default, then our costs may be added to your debt.


We suggest that you take advantage of our free health check to ensure that you are covered should a default occur. 


What about interest, can you add interest charges onto my debt 


A: If your Terms and Conditions nominate that interest is payable on overdue accounts then that interest percentage may be added to your debt. In the event that it is not then it may not be claimable. In some cases the courts and tribunals may allow pre-judgment interest based on the Supreme Court Scale.

What is the average cost of a debt recovery agency 


A:  Most debt collection agencies tend to set their collection costs based on a number of factors. One of the main factors is the age of the debt. As a general rule of thumb the older the debt the higher the premium they charge. The older the debt the chances of recovery diminishes dramatically as the chart below shows. It is imperative nowdays not to allow your debtor to avoid payment for an extended period of time e.g. over 90 days. CCSA do not charge a premium irrespective of its age but suggest that you seek professional assistance sooner rather than later..


Industry Collection Chart














Remember, a sale is not a sale until the money is in your bank.

What will you charge to collect my debt 

A:  Generally speaking, for one off debts our rates are as per the following scale. For multiple debts we recommend that you contact us on (07) 38077755 and we will tailor our rates to meet your requirements. Reduced rates are available for volume clients.  

From as low as 10% Commission on debts recovered.



Debt Amount $
 Over 50,001
 20,001 - 50,000
 10,001 - 20,000
**500 - 1,000
 *Commission %
 1,001 - 10,000

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If We Don't Collect Your Debt -You Don't Pay a Cent


     No Joining Fees 

     No Hidden Costs

     No Fancy Plans

     No Locked in Contracts

 *Australian Taxation Law requires GST of 10% to be added to the above rates
 **The minimum debt referral is $500.00

Contact us now:


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